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The Scarlet Livebearer (Micropoecilia picta)  is a highly sought-after, brackish water guppy species known to tropical fish-keeping enthusiasts as the Swamp Guppy, Painted Guppy, or Barrigudinho Guppy.

Scarlet Livebearers have a striking red to orange body color that is dramatically accented with black markings, making it a highly desirable species. Males are smaller and have a base body color that ranges from silver and green with black, yellow and blue spots to a red base color with yellow and black spots.

Pair – $30   NOT AVAILABLE

swamp guppy for sale

LIMIA TRIDENS “Tiburon Limia”

Limia tridens are peaceful and easy to care for. They are a beautiful active fish and enjoy live plants. The males get orange in their dorsal fin while females get larger.


tiburon limia for sale

for sale

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