:: About Us

Tropical Fish Hobbyists / Breeders
located in Mechanicsburg, PA.

We specialize in Plecos, Corys,
Livebearers and Invertebrates.

We also offer Bettas,
American and African Cichlids,
as well as other types of fish
which were grown in the tanks
of our fellow hobbyists / breeders.

We are online or by appointment only.


WE LOVE to grow aquarium plants,
Hardscape and Aquascape!


We enjoy hobbies as a family!

A Few Words About Me

Hello, my name is Igor Dušanić
and I am the founder of Red Star Breed.

I love nature and animals,
but I have a special passion
for pigeons, dogs, and aquarium fish.
Since we’re talking about
aquaristics/fish here,
I can’t help but mention guppies!

I’ve been into guppies since I was a kid!

I love researching, experimenting,
and learning guppy genetics.
I also enjoy
the power of visual creativity!

Visit my Guppy Blog in English
or in Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian