NEW Table “Russian Base body colors guppy’s genes”

Guppy base body colors

Has completed preliminary work to create a completely new table “Base body colors genes of guppy”, which has no analogues in the world. The philosophy and the new general of idea of a new classification of the old body colors base genes of a guppy belong to Vladimir Storozhev.

NEW Table of Russian Base body colors guppy's genes

* – in the genotype does not take into account the recessive allele (b1) of B gene, which affects on number of melanophores and decrease their number about 2 times.
SYMBOLS of alleles:

Dominant alleles:

M – the presence of melanin (black pigment)
G – the presence of guanine (sonditionally pigment blue)
E – the presence of astaxanthin (red pigment)
X – the presence of lutein (yellow pigment)

Recessive alleles:

m – the lack or reduction quantity of melanin (black pigment)
g – the lack or reduction of guanine quantity (conditionally pigment blue)
e – the lack or reduction of astaxanthin quantity (red pigment)
x – the lack or reduction of lutein quantity (yellow pigment)

Examples of base color phenotypes;

Guppy base body colors


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