Made the difficult decision …

I am focusing on one strain only (HB Pastel).

When I decided to start with Show Quality Guppies
[IFGA standard]
I chose three strains that I will keep, breed  and hope to show.

Yes, I do like other guppy strains also,
but the main reason “why only three” is because I have a limited number of tanks,
just as much as I can maintain,
would not have wanted to turn my hobby into a hard work, but sometimes it is …

Igor's fish guppy room

My Fish Room – front wall (first part)


On the opposite wall (first part)

My advice to beginners who just want to make a Guppy-Room
and start with “Show Quality Guppies”;

no matter how big or small the room is
can not think only about the initial costs,
how much will it cost the basic set up.
I would recommend anyone to calculate
how much will cost replacement of filter media that you have decided to use …
chemicals … food … etc.

As you already know (at least you should know),
You will need a minimum of six aquariums (even more) for each line.

How much you know about the strains of your choice?

Did you know that
some strains cannot be properly maintained with less than three lines or more?

Do you know that
some strains have to be crossed with other strains to improve the size, color …

Do you know that


When I worked on improving the color of my green specimens
I turned to for support of well-known breeders (from America and from Europe),
and almost of all I’ve got the same answer;
“You should have a purples and blues to preserve some of the cross …”

then it was a big novelty for me

(the first “beginners”  mistake,
I did not know much about the greens – genetics, diet  …
but since they “caught my eye” I had to have them)

and more expenses (need more tanks, filters …)!

from a letter;
One of the best kept secrets in the hobby – Purples + Greens!

This cross works both ways and will produce some excellent blues as well. The purple is dominant and will darken the greens considerably. With this in mind, use the lightest green colored male into the purple females to produce bigger and better greens. To improve the purples, cross the purple males into the green females. To select the grown females from the hybrid cross, shine a flashlight on them at night with the lights turned off. The green females will have a green crescent at the base of the peduncle and the purple females will have a purple crescent.

It’s time to get back to the main theme before I go too far …

‭Igor's guppy fish room fry tanks

My Fish Room – fry grow out tanks  (second part)

I actually like Delta tails (it has already decided),
then I decided for the colors that attracted me the most;
Black, White and Green [I like solid colored guppies and half blacks].

  • Blacks – I had them even when I lived in Bosnia (Black Moscow).
  • At first glance I was impressed with Half Black Pastels
    (I love the contrast between black and white).
  • And from the first moment when I saw them i fell in love with Greens.
    (it happened a long time ago when I got my first Blue/Green Moscow guppies)

I have always loved and had Moscow; Blue, Black, Green, Purple …


My Black Moscow

Like any other breeder and I began to learn more and more about the strains that I have …


Second part of my fish room –  fry grow out tanks.

To make this long story short,
my fish room only has about 40 (+) tanks
which is enough to work with one “decided” strain!

I have firmly decided to work with Half Black Pastels (Whites),


My Half Black Pastel

but retained some of other species just for fun …


55 gallon community tank

I have not given up working with the greens until “achieve the desired green color”,

Green Delta by Igor Dusanic


and working with them enriched a lot of my breeding experience!


My Corner of Paradise, stress free and relaxation


My Half Black Pastel (female)



When you working with ‘White‘ guppies …

  • Look carefully at the food ingredients that you plan to feed them with.
  • Do not use food with any color enhancing,
  • especially not ‘Astaxanthin‘ and ‘Carotenoids‘!
  • Trust me on this!!!








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