Guppy Anatomy

  1. Mouth – points forward.
  2. Nostril – smell and taste (closely intertwined) is accomplished in the nasal openings, mouth and head.
  3. Eye – almost spherical in shape, selective near/far focus – eye structure suggests fish can see in colour.
  4. Lateral line – line of scales with pores – senses motion in water, extremely sensitive / enables fish to control swimming.
  5. Dorsal fin.
  6. Caudal fin or tail – many shapes.
  7. Gonopodium – modified anal fin of all live-bearing toothcarps – used to introduce sperm to the female – has five rays.
  8. Pelvic (ventral) fin – paired “legs” – used for stability in the water.
  9. Pectoral fin – paired “arms” – used for fine movement backward and forward.
  10. Operculum (gill cover) – pumps water over gills for gas exchange.
  11. Chin.
  12. Caudal peduncle – supports the caudal fin.
  13. Fin rays – fin support structure.

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