Chesapeake Guppy Club

The Chesapeake Guppy Club holds monthly meetings
( with the exception of June, July and August).
Meetings are hosted by club members,
which affords the opportunity to see various guppy set ups.
We hold club auctions at every meeting with all funds going to the club.
These auctions range from show quality breeding stock to fish supplies.
We also try to make an educational presentation at every meeting
concerning all aspects of the guppy hobby.
A little bit of food and a lot of chatter is enjoyed by all.
The CGC also holds an IFGA sanctioned show in April of every year.
Check out the CGC Show Info page.

The CGC Membership is dedicated to helping others
to successfully breed and enjoy fancy guppies.
Our members range from those who have a tank in the family living room
to those who have a whole room devoted to the breeding
of that elusive IFGA Best of Show fish.
Among the CGC membership are nationally recognized breeders;
a member of the Guppy Hall of Fame;
three IFGA Master Breeders;
published authors on selective fancy guppy breeding,
Senior IFGA Judges and Assistant Judges;
past winners of the coveted IFGA Guppy Man of the Year award;
and several breeders who have won
or placed in the IFGA Annual Class Championships for various colors.


On my way home after CGC meeting

We have members who concentrate on showing,
some who concentrate on developing new color varieties
and some who just have trouble concentrating!!!
Within the vast array and amount of experience,
you are sure to find someone to share you interest or to help you out with advice.


Me and Mr Tony Rill

You do not have to live within the three-state area (Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania)
to belong to the CGC.
You don’t even have to have guppies. All you need is a good attitude
and a desire to spend some time around folks who love fancy guppies.
We welcome everyone.

Dues are $10 annually for Full membership.
Membership entitles you to attend all of the CGC meetings, full voting privileges,
buying opportunities at our meeting auctions
and access to any club discounts with suppliers and access to the CGC Yahoo Group.

We also offer Junior membership (non-voting, but includes all other privileges).

We also offer a special membership for the Supporting Member;
3 year membership for $25.
These members will be highlighted on the membership page
with the date of their initial year of membership.
This membership category was started to help build our treasury for show expenses.

We as a club are moving forward into the future.

Chesapeake Guppy Club (CGC)

Come help us grow!

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