We started with two different lines of Blue Moscow
(they were not parent related)
and marked them with Line 1 and Line 2.

Line 1 Hawaiian Blue Moscow, I was created my line back in 2010
using Luke’s Hawaiian Moscow and Shubel’s (Full) Blue Delta.
I got them back in May-2015 and cross them back
in to original Hawaiian Moscow from Hawaiian breeder.
The problem with this line is that males have a blue color over body
with purple caudal and dorsal fin
but they have very good body shape and size.

Line 2 is imported from Russia, the typical Blue/Green Moscow.
These have a slight variance in colouration,
they shine a gorgeous iridescent metallic blue
to turquoise green in color
and some showing a higher percentage of blue or green than others but
they are truly outstanding in conformation and finnage.
These are a medium to large sized fish and a very hardy fertile strain.

We in-breed both lines for three generations
than we cross male from Line 1 with female from Line 2.
*Yes, at this time we did shortcut in our breeding program
just for a jump-start – but that is not recommended!
We found that they are cross compatible,
they are complement each other.
From this cross we get; blue, dark blue, black, purple, green, dark green.
We take the best purple males and breed with females from Line 1
and the best green males and breed with females from Line 2.
With this cross we improve the body size on Line 2 and color on Line 1.
We found that both females and males contribute to size.
We choose the largest females with good shape overall and the right color
well proportioned with nice thick stocky bodies
and thick and strong peduncle.
Same with choosing males.


Our Moscow guppy male / Line 2

Our goal for Line 1 is to produce Solid Purple Moscow.
Our goal for Line 2 is to produce Solid Green Moscow.
Yes, you can have 2 Colors and only one line of each color
and state them like 2 lines, this work with Moscow strain.
You will get Blue from both lines,
and answer is yes, every-time when you cross lines
you will get ‘hybrids’ but with high value for further breeding …

To better understand this you can also read our post about MOSCOW GUPPY.





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