Moscow Guppies – Theory & Practice – Moscow Grass

Blue/Green Moscow male + Blue/Green Moscow female

No, I’m not Columbus
but I do not have to be to find out that
this is terribly boring and
I want to change something!!! (LOL)

Since 2015 I have kept, breed and work with ‘Moscow’ strains
with different characteristics and genetic make up.
YES, I always want to create my own Grass Moscow guppies!!!
My goal is to create;
Moscow Full Blue/Green Metallic Sheen Body with Grass Fins.

I love to experiment, learn and do it my own way …

So, I finally made that cross
between the Blue Moscow and the Blue Grass guppy.

Blue Grass female guppy

Grass line from  Frank Schulterbrandt  /  Photo by  Igor Dusanic

  • I acquired Blue Grass guppies from Frank Schulterbrandt.

In first drop (F1)
I got about 70% Blue Moscow with very few or non dot,
29.06% Blue Grass,
and only one with very weak patterns on the caudal
that resemble grass.

Moscow Grass Guppy

Blue Moscow Grass guppy

Blue Moscow Grass guppy

Blue Moscow Grass guppy

His Moscow sibling with few dots looks like this;

Moscow guppy cross

Moscow guppy cross

Moscow guppy cross

Moscow guppy cross

Also, his brother and sisters
but this just look like an ordinary Grass guppies!


I decided to discontinue this experiment due to lack of tanks
and the priority are (for now) the Solid Moscow Guppies.

Moscow Grass guppies

Was not given any more time for F2 to finish their development …

If you have had similar experiences with a cross like this,
please do email me at;
as I am interested to learn from you too.

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