Moscow Guppies – Theory & Practice – What happened to the color on the head?

Moscow Guppy Cross

This is a Moscow that I developed it using
a Blue Hawaiian male and Sword female.
What happened with ‘trait’ that we consider
the defining characteristic of Moscow: the colored head?

The genotype of female is unkown to me but,
obviously, she is the sword phenotype.
She is from second drop of F1 from Swords
that I got from Frank Schulterbrandt.
I saved a few virgin females (for cross)
before I got rid of them (lack of space).
In bouth drops was found only swords,
some double and most of lower swords.
I use Hawaiian Moscow male and three Sword females.

Hawaiian Moscow – I do not know their genetic history!
Breeders have described them to me like this;
Hawaiian Moscow is related to the Japanese and German Moscow strains
but has been developed and improved by Hawaiian guppy breeders,
larger body, faster growing with more true blue color, including blue heads.
My Hawaiian Moscow are crossed with Shubel’s (Full) Blue Delta
and backcrossed in to original Hawaiian Moscow.

Only one drop from one female was saved.
After seven and half weeks,
there were no signs of any color,
and males and females looked the same, gray!
Since I needed tank for my other cross
(because they look much more interesting)
which I made along with this one,
I did get rid of them
but I gave few males to my brother
just to see what they will turn out.
The first week, only one survived.

Moscow guppy without a colored head

Because he grown into something unexpected
I’ll have to repeat this crossing again
and record the results with more pictures and notes!

If you have had similar experiences with a cross like this,
please do email me at;
as I am interested to learn from you too.

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