Nikola Junior – Results from the annual IFGA show

From the first day when Nikola started to walk well (without any support),  he started helping with water changing. Because we doing ‘old school’ (siphoning bottom of the tank) water changing, Nikola started with holding a bucket 😉

Nikoline gupike

He still helps with water changes (can’t get done everything by himself yet 🙂 ). Also,  last year, Nikola started feeding fish (yes, I do have to blend food, hatch shrimp and prepare for feeding, etc.) .

Nikola feeds fish

We use two ‘big tanks’ (for growing fish, one for males and one for females) from where Nikola picking fish for the shows. Yes, still, we are helping him to pick and set-up breeders. Helping a little boy is not a crime. We do not help him with picking a fish for show (he picking from 50-60 fish at various ages, size, etc.), but we do help him with packaging, shipping and filing the entry form.

Every our free weekend, through play, we try to teach him how to choose a better fish. By playing ‘memory games’ with cards, pictures, drawings, etc. we help him to develop the visual power of observation, to pick two closely matching fish (which match each other in color, size, finnage, etc) for tank entry.

Nikola Junior gupike

For now, he likes to watch his fish and take care of them (as much as he can). Occasionally, he bring a friends from the neighborhood to see his fish. Yes, of course, you know what happens afterwards. Some of them are already set up tank and got some guppies from Nikola. Later on, we do not know what will happen, but for now we enjoy together in our hobby 🙂


Nikola has participated in the shows only twice this year, and he ended up as the second in Junior Overall at IFGA annual show.


Nikolini rezultati sa IFGA izlozbe kontesta gupika gupija


Nikola’s results from the annual IFGA show 2018

Delta Junior IFGA show 2018


Nikola Sampion gupi gupiji gupike

Nikola Dusanic Junior

Prvo mijesto gupike Junior Nikola Dusanic

Nikola Dusanic Junior


We teach him how to properly care of guppies, everything else will be his choice …




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