Guppy Experiment :: Color of the body and environment

The difference between sisters who grew up in different environments …

This two females are from same batch (captured in the video below this text), but one grew up in a darker environment, while the other grew up in a brighter environment.

I have read several times about mice that mutated, they changed / adapted their body color based on ground color. The excerpt from the document; The rock pocket mice rely on their fur color for camouflage. So, on the tan sand more light colored mice will survive because they blend in and on the dark lava rock more dark colored mice will survive and the allele for dark fur will be passed on to their offspring. But remember; “Mutation is random, but natural selection is not random.” Mutation is random because you cannot control how your genes copy. Natural selection is not random because the survival and reproductive success of an individual is directly related to the ways its inherited traits function based off its environment. It purposely chooses the good trait over the bad.

Finally, I decided to try this test with the guppies. The results are visible in the captured video, color difference in body. Males in the background are not related to this females in any way. My son showing this males in (IFGA) Junior class this year, and after this show season they will be discharged.







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