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Guppy Talk Day

After a long and bussy period in my life, I decided to take a break and invited my ‘guppy friends’ to visit me and discuss our hobby, share our experiences, etc. I called this day ‘Guppy Talk Day’. Some of … Continue reading

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Guppy Photo Shoot – I / Crosses …

My latest work results, young fish … Green Moscow & Red Japanese Mosaic. I backcross this male in to RJM. Purple Hawaiian Moscow & Green Variegated Snakeskin. I’m making two lines; First line is backcross in to GVS, and Second line is … Continue reading

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CGC :: Chesapeake Guppy Club

Where is the meeting?   The Chesapeake Guppy Club (CGC) is an International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) club whose members predominantly reside in the MD, VA, PA and Washington, D.C areas. For more information, please email Michael Raimondi, Club President, at … Continue reading

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Guppy Colouration by Mary Jane

So, What Colour Are Your Guppies? There are four main body colours in most fancy guppies: the golden, blond, albino, and the original, wild, gray. There are also a couple of rare colours which are bronze (such as the Moscow … Continue reading

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Guppy Glossary – Meanings From A to Z by Mary Jane

Acclimation: the process of slowly introducing a fish to new water conditions. Acid: a solution (i.e. water) with a pH less than 7.0. Activated Carbon: a highly porous filtering medium prepared by exposing organic materials such as bones to high … Continue reading

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There are many diseases that can attack a guppy. Here I will attempt to explain some of the most common ones that guppies experience. Fungus Fungus is actually a colourless plant which appears as a whiteish cotton-wool look on the … Continue reading

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Guppy Facts by Mary Jane

The guppy is named after the Rev. J.L. Guppy of Trinidad, an early collector of the species from the late 1800’s. Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are placed in the family as mollies and mosquitofish. Natural habitat The wild, original guppy is … Continue reading

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Hot temperatures not good for guppy ??

This study provides some hard numbers for optimum temperatures for guppies. Effect of Temperature on Some Reproductive Parameters of Gravid Females and Growth of Newly Hatched Fry in Guppy, Poecilia reticulta (Peters, 1860), Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 7 … Continue reading

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