Back into the guppy hobby!

Well it’s been a few years since I last updated
but to be honest I’ve had so much go on in my life!
Due to lifestyle changes I was forced to quit the hobby and blogging.
Firstly, because I was not married
and since I have not decided in which state I want to settle down,
I moved out of the house (which I shared with my brother)
to apartment (just to stay close to my workplace).
I got rid of all fish tanks & staff from fish room when I moved.

Guppy Breeding Setup For Sale
Then, I got married and now we have a beautiful son, happy family!


Guppy Lovers

Living in apartment, taking care of baby, etc.
and I’ve been quite busy with my work and other activities,
all this did not stop my wife from questioning “when we gonna get some guppies”?
And YES, she was well informed how much effort does it take
to breed and raise quality, I mean pure breed (true breeding) guppies!

  • Passions insert themselves into your life whether you have time for them or not!
  • PASSIONS DON’T LEAVE YOU ALONE (and neither my wife me, LOL).

OK, I just set up a breeding rack, my wife’s first guppy setup!


Bojana’s Guppy Setup

It is just a small setup that She (We) can handle
and take care of it in spite and despite busy schedule.

Nikola's guppies

This will be ‘Display Tank’.

To be honest, I always wanted my son to grow up around guppies
and learn about this wonderful hobby!

Blue Purple Moscow Guppy

Around 4 month old

And YES, I’m involved again in this hobby but, my wife will take care of guppies
and I will be active on this blog again (great plan, right?).
She likes Moscow and Japanese Grass (all color varieties).
Fortunately, I got back my line of Blue Moscow
which I was created back in 2010 using “Hawaiian Moscow and (Full) Blue Delta”
(Hawaiian Moscow is related to the Japanese and German Moscow strains
but has been developed and improved by Hawaiian guppy breeders,
larger body, faster growing with more true blue color, including blue heads).
Depend on lighting condition and angle, water chemistry, etc.
these will show Blue and Purple (rather than Green) color,
I guess they have more Red and Blue iridophores and fewer Yellow color cells.
Originally acquired from my friend and mentor Luke Roebuck (R.I.P).

Blue Purple Moscow GuppyBlue Purple Moscow Guppy
Also, We got some Blue/Green (Moscow) imported from Russia (Vladimir’s line).

Blue Green Moscow Guppy

Around 4 month old

From now on I will write articles on my wife’s guppy breeding experience (LOL).






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