BLUE / GREEN MOSCOW [my wife’s line]

This line was chosen by my wife, they are imported from Russia
and working with some “foreign” genetic it’s fun!


These are the closest to the IFGA standards
than any other Blue/Green Moscow’s available today.
We spend a lot of time carefully selecting breeders
and making crosses that are needed to get them to this point.
We are trying to make “Solid Green Moscow’s”.
Lighting angle, water chemistry and diet
will all have a drastic effect on how green they will be.
They are extremely fertile due to selective outcrossing,
a bit of a slower grower but well worth the wait!





Progress & News

Updated on 08/26/2016

My wife sent two fish from this (her) line (male and female)
to IFGA show hosted by Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates
in August 20th & 21th, 2016
just to see where we are with our breeding program
and both fish won first place in the Novice Class.
1st Place NOVICE Delta and 1st Place NOVICE Female.


Novice Class is only one suitable class (for now) for this type of Moscow guppies.



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