Our son will start (exhibiting) showing guppies – Nikola Junior

I sincerely hope that IFGA
as well as all the clubs belonging to this association
will soon have many more members like FRANK ZILLITTO !!!
For a long time,
one of the ‘older members’
has been constantly pushing me away from the IFGA …
I have never sent (yes, my wife did …)
and I will not send in the near future my fish to the show
(I mean ‘IFGA’ show, not to local club show)
but I will continue to work and help my club to expand our hobby,
as well as to rejuvenate it.
Yes, I do like breed and ‘play’ with fish …

Lately, since my wife has been pregnant,
my son and I have lots of fun with the fish
(he trying to furnished tanks with his toys (lol)).

Since Nikola had a chance to meet Frank and he liked him very much
(there’s nothing about Frank that you would not like),
and this coming show is “Frank Zillitto Memorial Guppy Show”,
I’ll let him use the net and catch whatever he likes
(yes, on the first trial, there were damaged tails)
and show in Junior Class.

Nikola's first display show guppies tank

As I said, we have a lot of fun with the fish
and everything that is related to this hobby ‘should’ be fun …
I’m lucky to have two clubs relatively close to me
(yes, and I’m a member of both clubs)
full of good people and big fanciers.
Good people always make you happy when you come to the club
so that you want to be back
and become a member and enjoy their company and fish!

I can’t never forget the man
who introduced to me the ‘world of show guppies’
and ‘IFGA’ (thanks to Luke Roebuck),
neither the man who first welcomed me to ‘IFGA’
(thanks to Paul Gorski).

Updated on 07/22/2018

The show was greate, we had a wonderful time!

South Jersey Guppy Group
Nikola returned home with two great prizes!

Nikola Dusanic IFGA show quality guppy

Nikola’s Yellow Moscow – 4th place in Junior Delta Class
Yellow Delta (that Nikola got from Frank Schulterbrandt)
crossed with Our Blond Moscow. Thanks Frank!

Yellow Moscow IFGA show Junior Class fourth place






Sve fotografije su moje vlasnistvo (u slucaju da nisu, autori/vlasnici tih slika su navedeni u tekstu ili su potpisani ispod fotografije/slike) i mogu biti koristene samo u obrazovne svrhe uz moje ime. Slike su zasticene ‘autorskim’ pravom.


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