Nikola’s results from the IFGA guppy show/exhibition in Utah, July 2019

UFGA guppy show award

We are very proud of our son Nikola
for winning in Junior Class
at the IFGA Guppy Show hosted by the UFGA.
This award is very special to us

because this is the first show/exhibition
held by the UFGA
(Utah Fancy Guppy Associates).

Also, many years ago, the UFGA president
helped me a lot when I returned to this hobby.
He is also one of few of whom I have learn from.
Now, I mentoring my son …
We all need a one, couple, or few of them
(who willing to share their experience),
to learn from …
Thanks to Rick Grigsby for his help in the past
and for making this happen!

And a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all UFGA members
for their hard work and willingness
to host their first show/exhibition.

And for the end,
I want to tell you something about MONDAY 🙂

Show guppies Bojana Dusanic guppy food garlic powder

I am too busy lately with work and family (two young children)
and it often happens in the morning, when I get up
that I have to look at my phone to know what day it is;
Tuesday or Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, etc.
But when Monday comes,
I don’t need my phone to know what day it is!
Because every morning, on Mondays, when I get up
(I get up a little later because I work late into the night),
I smell garlic.
It’s the only day you can smell garlic in our house
without my wife cooking anything on the stove.
The scent of garlic
without the pot on the stove means it’s Monday!
We do not feed our fish on Sundays,
and the first thing they get on Mondays is garlic powder.

Happy Monday 🙂







Sve fotografije su moje vlasnistvo (u slucaju da nisu, autori/vlasnici tih slika su navedeni u tekstu ili su potpisani ispod fotografije/slike) i mogu biti koristene samo u obrazovne svrhe uz moje ime. Slike su zasticene ‘autorskim’ pravom.

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