Moscow ‘Top Swordtail’ guppy?

Some time ago I found this very interesting photo
of ‘Moscow Top Swordtail’ posted by Stan De Jong.

Moscow Top Swordtail guppy

Stan has not sure how he came to this result
since he keept several stains together
in the tank where this fish came from …

Moscow Top Swordtail guppy

If you ever came up with a result like this and want to share it with us, we open the comment section down below for this topic. Thank You 🙂






Sve fotografije su moje vlasnistvo (u slucaju da nisu, autori/vlasnici tih slika su navedeni u tekstu ili su potpisani ispod fotografije/slike) i mogu biti koristene samo u obrazovne svrhe uz moje ime. Slike su zasticene ‘autorskim’ pravom.

Aqua Air Freight

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