Nikola’s results from IFGA Annual Show 2019 Seekonk, MA

This is Nikola’s second time to attend
and participate in the IFGA Annual Show.
Nikola is only five years old,
but he looks a little older
as he is much taller than almost all peers 🙂
He already clean the tank
and feed the fish by himself!
He also prepared and placed his entries
on the show bench ‘almost’ by himself  😉

Nikola getting ready for the show

Nikola has great support and help
from his mom and me,
we enjoy this hobby as family
and we have a lot of fun.
He been catching all his show entries,
but very soon, I hope,
he will start picking his breeders on his own!


Because, we also have a ‘baby’ traveling with us,
we always try to schedule time for the hobby
and time for other family fun.

Family fun time

A beach walk by the ocean …

This time,
we obviously didn’t schedule it properly
so we missed this wonderful opportunity
to be captured in this picture (down below)
with all these wonderful people
and excellent breeders!

Annual IFGA meeting and show Seekonk - MA

Photo by Chris Michaud


I am very pleased for having the opportunity
to meet NEFGA members.
Long-time ago,
when I got involved in breeding
show guppies by Luke Roebuck,
E.T Mellor (Mr. Half Black Pastel / White 😉 )
was my ‘A Role Model’ 🙂

Annual IFGA meeting and show Seekonk - MA

New England Fancy Guppy Association 2019 Annual


The 2019 show season is ‘well over’ for Nikola.

Nikola's IFGA award 2019 Junior Class Champion

He loves his awards and is very happy with them.

Nikola's IFGA award Grand Overall Female 4th Place


Nikola also started well in the 2020 show season  🙂

Nikola's results from Annual IFGA guppy show

Nikola's results from IFGA Annual Show 2019 Seekonk, MA


In addition to other significant awards,
he returned home with this
very precious gift to us.
Thanks Frank (Schulterbrandt)
for this wonderful gift
and the time we spent together
at the annual show / meeting.
It’s always a pleasure
to meet and talk to you, buddy.

Guppy Clock


I would also like to thank Paul Hotz,
for a very informative talk,
pointing out the mistakes
in choosing fish for the show and tips!
For all newbies in this hobby
who do not know Paul,
his nickname is “A LADIES MAN”.
Just click on this link to find out why 🙂






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