Guppy Photo Shoot – II / RED MOSAIC FEMALES

My latest work results, Red Mosaic (BiColor) females.

When I started working with Mosaics, the females showed purplish, bluish, yellow, and white/pastel colors with black patterns (in the tail). All females were dropping males with a red mosaic taile. By crossing solid Moscow’s (Muscovites) with Mosaic females, I managed to get Moscow’s (Muscovites) with red mosaic tails. So, the red color is passed on by Mosaic females. Since females carry the red color genes (for tail), X-linked gene; X-red Mo, I believed that by using male with autosomal red color will help red mosaic females to express their red color in the tail. I also believed that if I use ‘red albino’ I can expect better results. My belief finally came true 🙂

red mosaic guppy  red mosaic guppies

genetics of red mosaic guppies

genetics of red mosaic guppy

red mosaic females guppy

red mosaic female guppies

guppy genetic guppies genetics

Sve fotografije su moje vlasnistvo (u slucaju da nisu, autori/vlasnici tih slika su navedeni u tekstu ili su potpisani ispod fotografije/slike) i mogu biti koristene samo u obrazovne svrhe uz moje ime. Slike su zasticene ‘autorskim’ pravom.

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